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DIY Solar Swimming Pool Heating

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DIY Solar Swimming Pool 
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Free DIY solar swimming pool heating plans

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This is the most basic solar swimming pool heating

Simple and effective heating

Theory, by passing water through a medium that conducts heat, you will warm the water passing through.

Parts needed

A long length of black hose pipe and a pump

The hose pipe you will need will be black, same type as the farmers use to water the fields or for your garden irrigation system. You should be able to get this from most garden centres.

A water pump of some description, strong enough to pump the water from your pool, through the pipe. Something on the lines of a water fall pump should surf ice on this. But having not tried it, I can not comment.

To calculate how much hose you need, it is roughly enough pipe to cover half the surface area of your pool

Setting up your solar pool heating

Lay your pipe out on the ground, directly in the sun. Attach pump and turn on. Remember to point the end not connected to the pump back in the pool.


Its as simple as that


Foot note And Disclaimer

I have not tried the above, so can not comment on what sized pump to use

But as a former heating and cooling engineer in the UK, the principal involved should work

In fact after laughing about it, I got reliably informed it works exceptionally well, considering just how easy it is to make

You could try connecting your hose to your pool filtration system, so you do not need another pump running. But this is only a thought and again not tried


Please let us know if you do try this, what your results are and any modifications you make and we will update this web site, with your pictures etc. And even give your plans their own area

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