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DIY Solar Swimming Pool Heating

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DIY Solar Swimming Pool 
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Free DIY solar swimming pool heating plans

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Simple Solar Swimming Pool Heating.

Very basic swimming pool solar heating...

Originally I was given one file that I laughed at. Then after further enquiries, I discovered that people were having some really good results heating their swimming pools. With the most basic of parts, people were getting extremely good results.


We have two versions of diy solar swimming pool heating available at present and are open to adding other peoples ideas and diagrams of their set ups. But we do not pay for the ideas, we only take free versions


Very basic diy pool solar heating

This is the most basic of pool heating. Minimal set up required and good results have been heard






So there I was sat in the garden in late December and in deep though as you do in the Spanish sun shine, wondering about how easy it was to increase the solar heating in to the pool on the smallest of budgets.

And when I discovered, I kicked myself.

See for your self, just how easy, with minimal parts, you can add heat to your swimming pool

There is a free book on the internet that covers some basic solar diy designs, along with giving some more insight into diy solar heating.

We have shamelessly taken a copy and you can now down load it from here

Free book.


Advanced DIY Solar swimming Pool Heatin.
Solar pool heating, with a bit more work...
Diy solar pool heating, more involved
This version of pool heating is a bit more involved in construction and needs 
a few more items to construct it. Slightly better results should be obtained